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Hey there, welcome to Moreland Choppers right in Solana Beach. We're all about top-notch motorcycle repair, making sure riders like you get the best out of your bikes. Been doing this for years, and we're pretty good at it, especially if you're into Harleys. But hey, no matter what you ride, we've got your back. Our crew's here to fix, maintain, and even trick out your bike, making sure every ride's smooth and every turn's a thrill. Drop by, let's get your motorcycle feeling like new.

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Core Repair ServicesHarley Davidson and BeyondYour Motorcycle, Perfected. Let's Fix It Right.

Whether it's a classic Harley or your daily ride, our Core Repair Services ensure your motorcycle operates flawlessly. Specializing in comprehensive diagnostics, engine repairs, and tire services, Moreland Choppers is your go-to for expert care that keeps you ahead on every journey.

Harley Davidson Repair

Expert repair services for all Harley Davidson models, from vintage classics to the latest releases. Our technicians specialize in diagnosing and fixing any issue, ensuring your Harley runs smoothly and reliably.


Engine Repair

Our engine repair services cover everything from minor fixes to major overhauls. Utilizing the latest diagnostic tools and techniques, we ensure your motorcycle's engine performs efficiently and powerfully.



A full range of tire services including sales, fitting, balancing, and repairs. We stock a variety of brands and sizes to suit all motorcycles and scooters, ensuring optimal performance and safety on the road.


Essential MaintenanceKeep Your Ride Smooth and SafeRide Longer, Ride Safer. Schedule Your Maintenance Today.

Our Essential Maintenance services are tailored to prolong the life and enhance the safety of your motorcycle. From oil changes to brake services, and routine check-ups, we focus on preventive care that ensures your motorcycle is always ready for the road ahead.

Oil Changes

Keep your Harley Davidson and motorcycles running smoothly with our professional oil change services. Regular oil changes are essential to motorcycle repair and maintenance, ensuring your engine's longevity and performance.


Brake Services

Ensure your safety on the road with our comprehensive brake services for Harley Davidson and all motorcycle brands. From brake pad replacement to fluid checks and repairs, we provide everything you need for reliable stopping power.


Motorcycle Maintenance

Comprehensive maintenance services to keep your motorcycle in peak condition. Regular check-ups, oil changes, brake services, and more, all performed with meticulous attention to detail to ensure your ride's longevity and performance.


Advanced Technical ServicesPrecision and Performance EnhancementElevate Your Ride. Discover the Difference with Advanced Tech.

Dive into the heart of motorcycle technology with our Advanced Technical Services. Offering everything from machine work and electrical systems repairs to suspension tuning, we provide the specialized attention your motorcycle needs to perform at its peak.

Machine Work

Our precision machine work services are a cornerstone of quality motorcycle repair. Specializing in Harley Davidson, we offer custom machining solutions for engine rebuilds, performance enhancements, and more.


Electrical System Services

From diagnostics to repairs and installations, our electrical system services ensure your Harley Davidson and motorcycles operate at their best. Trust us for lighting, battery, and wiring solutions.


Suspension Services

Improve your ride quality and handling with our suspension services. Whether it's a Harley Davidson or another motorcycle, we offer adjustments, repairs, and upgrades to enhance your riding experience.


Customization and PerformanceMake It Yours, Make It UniqueStand Out from the Pack. Customize Your Dream Ride Now.

Unleash the true potential of your motorcycle with our Customization and Performance services. Whether you're looking for a custom paint job, performance tuning, or unique modifications, our team at Moreland Choppers brings your vision to life, ensuring your motorcycle is as unique as you are.

Motorcycle Customization

Turn your bike into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece with our customization services. From bespoke paint jobs to unique modifications, we tailor every aspect to your specifications, delivering a motorcycle that's truly yours.


Performance Tuning

Maximize your motorcycle's potential with our performance tuning services. Specializing in Harley Davidson, we utilize the latest technology to fine-tune your engine for optimal power and efficiency.


Custom Paint and Powder Coating

Enhance your motorcycle's appearance with our Custom Paint and Powder Coating Services. We offer high-quality, durable finishes for all bike brands, ensuring your ride truly stands out with unparalleled style.


Engine and Build ServicesPower and PrecisionBuild Your Legacy. Start Your Custom Engine Project Today.

At Moreland Choppers, our Engine and Build Services are where your dream machine takes shape. From high-performance motor builds to exhaust system upgrades, we blend artistry with engineering to create motorcycles that are not just rides, but legends on the road.

Motor Builds

Specializing in high-quality motor builds for all types of motorcycles. Whether you're looking for performance enhancements or a complete engine rebuild, our experienced team delivers exceptional craftsmanship and power.


Exhaust System Repairs and Upgrades

Maximize your motorcycle's potential with our performance tuning services. Specializing in Harley Davidson, we utilize the latest technology to fine-tune your engine for optimal power and efficiency.


Ride EasyWe've Got Your BackAnd Your Bike's Too!

Ready to experience the Moreland Choppers difference for your Harley? Ride on over to our shop in Solana Beach, CA. We're waitin' for ya, partner.

We're located at 369 N Hwy 101, Solana Beach, CA 92075. We're ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work, all you've got to do is ride on over.

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